Mslioncourt (mslioncourt) wrote in paper_journal,

Something I wrote after reading Anne Rice's The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty:

I miss my prince.
He took me to his castle once.
The queen graciously (hesitantly) let me in.
As she went about her business
my prince and I danced
around the castle.
He showed me the play room.
He took me to the top
of his tower and showed me
the view.
As I looked down
at the people going about their business below
I wondered how many princesses
had he taken to this castle.
Then I felt his arms around me and
it didn't matter anymore.
We played all night until
we fell into bed with each other.
He asked me what i was thinking.
I told him that I wished we could
stay this way forever:
with me inside of him and
us outside of everybody
in his castle
as one.
He agreed with me.

Then I woke up from the dream
and went home.
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