Mslioncourt (mslioncourt) wrote in paper_journal,

Mother Raised Me Perfect

She asked for too much again
She asked me to be perfect today
as I was every other day before
She pushed me onto the stage
and told me to dance

My dance wasn't graceful
it was harsh and untrained
She said it wasn't good enough
I didn't know how to dance

I learned
I pretended to know
I pretended that I had been dancing for years
and gracfully I stepped onto the stage.

Everyone clapped and cheered
and still she told me it wasn't good enough.
I asked her for some clothing.
Thought if I didn't have to dance naked
maybe I would be perfect.

She put the clothing on a pole
and dangled it in front of me.
She told me if I wanted it
I had to get it myself.

So I lept into the audience
and ran out the back door.
I ran naked into the street
and ran home.

I was never forced to dance again
but still
every so often
she asks why I am not perfect yet.
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